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Our Story

Our story begins with me (Josh) at the age of 12 learning and working with saw dust in my father's shop. My mother was always nervous to have us kids around saws so to start I cleaned the floors with a helmet on (kick backs)!! Just kidding about the helmet. Anyways, I can remember wanting to run machines and after proving myself capable my father started me out with the chop saw. This changed everything. I worked thru high school and throughout college. I graduated at Pennsylvania State University with a major in Civil Engineering. After graduation I worked for my father again later landing a job with a local engineering firm. I worked for a firm for three years and while continuing woodworking on the side.

As time progressed my lovely wife became fond of craft shows and embraced the one on one connection with customers. She worked in the shop sanding, staining and prepping for assemblage. Although this was not her passion she loved me enough to make it a go. As time progressed we found our calling. We now have a shop of our own. I work with an amazing team! Our team mates consist of six who are either family members or adopted members! They are the heart of the business. We have skilled team mates that have worked under me and I continue to pass the torch as a teacher and mentor. Tanya continues to work craft shows while helping out in the office and the shop when needed. God has now blessed us with two beautiful children Harlee and Max.   

Our goal for Oak Crafts, Inc is to provide families with warmth in the home and heirloom pieces. Lets make houses homes again and focus on our families  and loved ones.